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A problem looms large ahead of traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses – to reach the consumer online, yet in their own traditional fashion. The problem ahead of traditional consumer is no different – they often miss the traditional practice of conversing with a seller in person for advice before finally purchasing on a product or availing a service.

Juvo seeks to bridge this gap by providing technology that adds on to the daily buying experience by personalizing it for everyone – the merchant and the consumer! So, what’s Juvo? Juvo is an upcoming online search portal targeted at providing localized results for products and services.

Another e-commerce service? Nope. At Juvo, you don’t purchase online. Juvo gives you access to businesses selling a particular product or service you seek in your area. All you got to do is, add money to your Juvo wallet, visit the Juvo Diskonts listed seller of your choice from the search results, mitigate your worries, your budget and finally purchase the product/ service 100% cashless through the Juvo wallet for incredible discounts.

A web and app-based programme, Juvo is instantly accessible through your PC/ tablet or Smartphone via our Android App. You can access your account with ease from anywhere, with a moderate browsing speed. This even works on 2G!

Know Us Better

Juvo Marketing Private Limited is a registered company under the Companies Act of India with the sole aim to offer customized marketing solutions to offline retailers, service providers and benefits for its customers.

Juvo – Kuch Nahi, Sab Kuch!