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About Us

Juvo Diskont is a collection of what we do and who we are; experience pure style, combined with a complete wardrobe, healthcare, and fashion and beauty solution. It is redefining the way small entrepreneurs are doing business by offering a platform to grow their profitability and market size.

Juvo Diskont bridges the gap between digital information and customers in retail by providing technology. This adds on to the daily buying experience by personalizing it for everyone – the merchant and the consumer!

Juvo Diskont is the ultimate saving app that offers the best deals in the town. Connect with the retailers around you and find out the exclusive deals before you shop. Juvo Diskont allows people to discover and save on things to eat, cosmetics, salon, spa, clothing and much more. This enables real time commerce across the local business, consumer products and grooming services so that shoppers can find the best in and around the nearby area.

How is Juvo Diskont different?

Juvo Diskont works extensively with retailers and brings them together to an exclusive platform. Another e-commerce service? No, at Juvo Diskont, you don’t purchase online. Juvo Diskont helps you to decide your shopping preference in and around the market place before you visit the store.

Juvo Diskont culture

At Juvo, we strive to achieve an open culture where everyone in the organization gets to share their options and ideas. Our team spends hours designing each new feature and obsesses about the smallest of details to make our customers experience a wonderful one.